Board Meetings



A Special Meeting of the Jersey City Board of Education will be held on

Wednesday, August 21, 2019, 
at 6:00 p.m.

at PS#26, 164 Laidlaw Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306


Jersey City Board of Education meets monthly to vote on proposals. These meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month at 6PM, unless otherwise stated.
Board Meetings from January through June will be held at PS #26, 164 Laidlaw Avenue
Board Meetings from July through December will be held at Dickinson High School
Caucus Meetings are held the Monday prior to the board meeting (unless otherwise noted) and are held at the District Office, 346
Claremont Avenue, Room 1 R. The Caucus allows the Board to review and discuss items on the agenda.
All dates are subject to change in conformance with requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act.
The public may sign up to speak at all public board meetings. Please see: Rules With Regard to Public Comment
2019-20 Jersey City Public Schools Caucus and Board Meeting Schedule 
Month                     Caucus                                Board Mtg Date 
August Monday 8/26/19   Thursday 8/29/19
September Monday 9/23/19   Thursday 9/26/19
October Monday 10/28/19   Thursday 10/31/19
November Monday 11/18/19   Thursday 11/21/19
December Monday 12/16/19   Thursday 12/19/19
January   Board Reorganization Tuesday 1/02/20
January Monday 1/27/20   Thursday 1/30/20
February Monday 2/24/20   Thursday 2/27/20
March Monday 3/23/20   Thursday 3/26/20
April Monday, 4/27/20   Thursday 4/30/20
May Monday 5/18/20   Thursday 5/21/20
June Monday 6/22/20   Thursday 6/25/20

Advertised Budget 2018-19 and User Friendly Budget, 2018-19

Members of the Jersey City Board of Education
Acting Superintendent Franklin Walker
School Business Administrator/Board Secretary Regina Robinson

Jersey City Board of Education Board Members
Sudhan Thomas, President
Lorenzo Richardson, Vice President
Mussab Ali
Gevonder Dupree
Gerald Lyons
Marilyn Roman
Matt Schapiro
Joan Terrell-Paige
Gina Verdibello