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Debasis Gupta – Management Information System Specialist

201-915 6292


The Business Technology department of the Jersey City Public Schools district has the primary responsibility for the maintenance of the core components and central operation of the computer network that supports the entire school district.  This department works as a backbone to district Information systems and connects to all schools to establish a central database. We bring the experience and professionalism to the district business operation and functionalities. The software package which includes Student, Employee, Finance, Fixed Assets, Warehouse, and Human Resource Management System allows the district to run fiscal responsibilities under state and local government guidelines.

Software Development

The department develops, implements, and enforces operational procedures and security standards for maximum software access with modifications that ensures the integrity of the district’s computer programs and associated data. We also develop, test, and maintain web-based applications and numerous Ad-hoc reports to increase efficiency in management control. This software technology sits on top of a vast hardware topology that includes the latest “Blade Server” technology.

Network Administration

The Network Administrators support the physical components of the LAN/WAN network, District-wide e-mail system, central office and school servers, as well as desktop, laptop, and other portable devices, this includes both hardware, software IOS, and programs and Internet connectivity systems (routers, switches and wireless access points).  Another task is monitoring both the security and connectivity of the network infrastructure for potential circuit failures, hardware or software component failures and system software upgrades. There are several products deployed and supported in the district to ensure both security and productivity while enabling the Board of Education and school staff to use technology with confidence. Some of these solutions are Novell Groupwise and M+Guardian for e-mail delivery and Anti-Spam protection, Sophos Enterprise Anti-Virus Endpoint and Server protection, and Websense Web Security for safe Internet browsing All active staff members are provided with a network ID for access to server secure content and an e-mail account so they can receive emergency notices or updates as well as communicate with other staff members.

NJ DOE Reporting

This department is also responsible for collecting and reporting the data required by the State of New Jersey to be in compliance with the laws that govern educational funding for Local Education Administrations. We therefore support data warehouses for student data and staff data that was used to create the reports e.g., ASSA. However, all of this data is now being processed through weekly uploads to NJ SMART. NJ SMART is constantly expanding its ownership of data that was previously processed manually or via off line reports.

Help Desk Operation

The Help Desk function supports over thirty-nine school buildings that have computer equipment, copiers, scanners, and Smart Boards, Promethean Boards handheld devices and smart devices. Staff members are urged to call 201-946-5562 where a technician will log their call and send someone out to resolve the problem. The hours of the Help Desk are from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday – Friday. We not only trouble shoot problems but also provide technical support for Board of Education meetings or other high profile events.

Our goal is to continue to move towards transforming the Jersey City School District into the most efficiently and effectively run business entity within New Jersey by utilizing the latest technological innovations available.

For more information you can contact the Business Technology Department at 201-915-6292 or the Help Desk at 201-946-5562 or send an e-mail to helpdesk@jcboe.org

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