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McNair Academic HS Uniform Policy


All students must be in dress code from the start of their first class to the end of his/her scheduled day. Students must change their clothing for physical education classes in the locker room in the basement and not at their lockers upstairs. Students are to be in dress code when exiting the building for lunch and should be in dress code before they enter the building at the end of the lunch period.


Hats or head covering for non-religious reasons are prohibited.


Footwear which is acceptable for physical education is not acceptable in class. Sneakers, sketcher sneakers, diesel sneakers, vans and flip flops are not acceptable for school. Open toe shoes are permitted to be worn in May, June and September. Open toe shoes are not permitted from October 1st to April 30th.


Male students are expected to wear shirt and tie with dress slacks, Dockers or khaki pants. Dress shirts including knit shirts with a collar can be worn with properly knotted and positioned ties. Ties are to be properly positioned at the neck at all times. Shirts that do not have a top collar button are not appropriate for ties. All dress shirts should be tucked in the dress pants not rolled under at all times and never hang loosely over the pants. No denim, or denim look-a-likes; balloon pants, fatigues, sweat pants, riveted pants, cargo pants, pants with studs, or jeans are permitted.


Suit jackets, sports jackets, v-neck sweaters, v-neck vest, or cardigan sweaters must be worn from October 1st to April 30th each school year. Your buttoned shirt and tie must be visible above the v-neck to be acceptable. Crew neck sweaters, turtle neck sweaters, sweatshirts with or without school logo, sweat shirts with a hood, sweaters with logos, i.e. NIKE, FUBU etc. are not permitted. Corporate symbols, i.e. Ralph Lauren polo player symbol, are permitted.


Female students are required to wear a dress, skirt, split skirts, or dress slacks and a blouse. Capri pants covering the calf are permitted. No jeans of any style or color, lycra, stirrup, spandex, Capri or sweat pants are permitted. Denim pants in any color are not acceptable. The hem of a dress or skirt must go beyond the length of your arm when standing. Girls may not wear halter tops, spaghetti straps, midriff tops or low cut shirts. Girls’ tops must substantially cover the waist.


All polar fleece jackets, including those issued by the athletic director, must not be worn. Sweat shirts with a hood, sweat shirts with or without school logo, revealing low-cut tops, spaghetti strap tops and T-shirts are inappropriate and not permitted.


We ask each parent, teacher, and student’s cooperation in maintaining the dress code standards. It is the responsibility of each parent to check their child daily to see to it the dress code is maintained. The dress code serves two purposes: a. sets a businesslike atmosphere and b. promotes safety. Your kind cooperation is appreciated.

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