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What is Blended Instruction?

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What is Teach to One and how does it work?
Teach to One: Math is New Classrooms' flagship personalized instructional model focused on middle school math (students in grades 5-8). The model replaces a school's traditional textbook-based math program with a reimagined way of teaching and learning - one that is both aligned to Common Core State Standards and personalized to each student's unique academic needs and way of learning.
Teach to One: Math redesigns the physical classroom to create several learning stations that teachers and students move between throughout a single class period. Students receive a targeted, individualized learning experience, at the right academic level, using the most appropriate instructional format. Over a single session, students may work on one of several instructional approaches, or learning modalities - including live teacher-led instruction, student collaboration, software, or virtual instructors. Students are assessed daily to determine whether they have mastered a skill or need more time on that skill. Such daily assessments determine what each student will work on the following class day.
What is School for One and how does it work?
School 4 One is a tool for teachers managing a one to one iPad classroom.  Their learning platform can transform classroom workflow by placing cloud storage and feedback tools all in one place.  Teachers can track their students’ performance as they address the Common Core State Standards.  School 4 One makes it easy to assign schoolwork to students and collect their assignments. It enables true assessment wherein teachers can give visual and voice recorded feedback to students in real time.
With School 4 One teachers can address all aspects of the iPad workflow.  It makes leveraging all of the great features an iPad offers students easier for teachers.  School 4 One offers is the ability to differentiate your instruction by assigning individual assignments for students to complete with a few taps on the screen.
What does 1:1 mean?
Research is clear that to ensure student success, education must move from a teacher - centric to a learner-centric approach. One-to-one programs create the opportunity for authentic personalization of teaching and learning for each student. With access to personal portable technologies in a wireless environment students can learn at their own pace, ability levels, and take advantage of the worldwide experiences and resources available online-and just in time. 
What does 1:1 look like in the Jersey City Public Schools?

Last year, the Jersey City City Public Schools started a 1:1 pilot for students in grades 3-5. To date, the district has purchased some 1500 Chromebooks  and has begun district-wide technology upgrades. The Chromebook is an affordable and effective vehicle for Jersey City Public Schools' 1:1 initiative, but professional development is  the motor powering it all. The focus of the 1:1 initiative will be changing teaching and learning in the classroom environment, not the equipment, in this case the Chromebook. 

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