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Covid-19 Vaccine Record

Please click on the following button to submit your Covid-19 Vaccine Records :
1. All first time users will have to self-register themselves by clicking on User Sign Up
2. Registration is a 2-step process. Complete the top part of this form with your Employee Id, First Name, Last Name, Location and your email. If you have a JCBOE.ORG email then it is recommended you use that.
When you click on generate Code, a one time code will be sent to your email. Use that code to complete the second part
3. Complete the second half of the form, set your Password and click on register. An email with the Verification Link will be sent to your email. Click on it and you will be ready to sign in
4. Once you login, update your Covid-19 Vaccination Data. You can upload a proof of your vaccination record from the NJ State Docket app as mandated by the Superintendent.