Thanksgiving message 2017

Dear Jersey City Community

Over the Labor Day weekend, the Macy's in Newport was decorated with Christmas trees. Halloween decorations were right next to the back to school supplies. And now, Black Friday sales started last week.

Thankfully, Thanksgiving is still Thanksgiving, and its meaning is even more pressing, and needed, in 2018.

It is more pressing that we stop and remember our many blessings, our families, our freedoms, and yes, our food, when so many near and far are not so fortunate. There are those who are alone, or who live in fear or hunger. It could be as close as our next door neighbor's plight, or something that screams at us in the daily headlines.

It is more pressing today that we stop and remember that many of the things we complain about during this season, long lines in the supermarket, hours in the kitchen, having to be with cousins who never let you get a word in, or eating too much dessert, are not enjoyed by everyone.

It is more pressing than ever, at a time when the divide is great, that we work to unite, to heal, to comfort. We must carry the harmony from our Thanksgiving dinner table into the world.

Finally, borrowing from a children's song,

If you're thankful and you know it and you really want to show it, simply share it.

Happy Thanksgiving

Marcia V. Lyles, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Jersey City Public Schools
Envision Excellence and Equity Everywhere