On Wednesday, March 22, 2017, the Department of Student Life and Services, directed by Mr. Franklin Walker, Associate Superintendent and Ms. Paula Christen, Director, hosted the 2017 Superintendent’s Student Leadership Forum. Approximately 700 students in Grades 6 through 12 participated from every middle, elementary, and high school.
The agenda for the day included a presentation by Dr. Marcia Lyles, Superintendent, City Wide Student Council moderators, debate panels from every high school, student performances, on line polling, presentations by alumni, and former City Wide Student Council students. The debate topics were decided by the City Wide Student Council members. The Jersey City and Visual Performing Arts Band directed by Mr. Larry Puentes and Mr. David Luquette, the Snyder High School Dancers directed by Gina Statile, and the Snyder High School Tigerettes directed by Principal Yvonne Waller, all performed.
The students, who participated, were selected by their administrators, teachers, and school counselors. They were selected based on community service, character, academic accomplishments, overcoming obstacles, and a consistent display of leadership qualities. One student was chosen for the Distinguished Leadership Award. The students listed were the students receiving the Distinguished Leadership Award for the 2017 Superintendent's Student Leadership Forum. Congratulations to all the students who participated for demonstrating outstanding leadership within their schools and communities.
SCHOOL                                        NAME
4                                                     Madonna Mahrous
5                                                     Arianaa Mejias
7                                                     Kasandra Paradiso
11                                                   Norin Metwally
12                                                   Sadeishy Garcia
14                                                   Tanaya Calamito
15                                                   Eliza Brooks
17                                                   Chaimaa Aknouche
23                                                   Tsewang Sherpa
24                                                   Marilyn Walker
27                                                   Jordan Mendolla
28                                                   Frank Menjivar
34                                                   Marie Houghton
37                                                   Ivellisses Segovia
38                                                   Kendell Swan
39                                                   Gretchen Encarnacion
40                                                   Shinae Keyes
41                                                   Salomon Granadus
ACA 1                                             Lhariezha Ann Balatbat
DHS                                                Lesley Armengolt
FHS                                                Ndey Senghorne
LHS                                                Henry Lam
SHS                                               Carlina Valerio
LAHS                                             Solomon Parshad
MAHS                                            Zain Mughal
INFINITY                                       Razelle Amante
RENAISSANCE                            Tenzine Yangzon
INNOVATION                                Elizabeth Bello
MS4                       Secretary                       Isha Solano
MS7                       Historian                        Estella Mercado
MS40                     Historian                        Giorell Avila
ACA1                     Historian                        Danraj Gangaram
DHS                       Secretary                      Jasmeen Singh
FHS                       1st VP                            Kimberley Bacos
INFINITY                Historian                       Ermioni Christodoulakis
INNOVATION         Assist. To Pres.             Ian Morales
LAHS                     2nd VP                          Naomi Campbell
LHS                       President                       Raquel Belen
MAHS                    Assist. To Pres.             Abdelrahman Hassan
SHS                       3rd VP                          Cassandra Francois