Thanksgiving Message

Dear Jersey City Family,
As we celebrate our American tradition of Thanksgiving, this year it is especially important to remember what Thanksgiving represents. As we pass the gravy and potatoes, muse about who makes the best macaroni and cheese, loosen our belts to make way for dessert, and debate who will win the football game, we should remember what the iconic story of the Pilgrims and Native Americans really says about what makes America great.
This is a 17th century story of a people seeking a better life and we must remember that just as the Pilgrims came here to escape persecution, this is also a 21st century story and people come here in search of a better life. This is the story of the indigenous people caring and sharing, helping those in need to survive. It is the story of diverse people, coming together, thankful for what they have received, thankful for what they can give.
This is the Thanksgiving that not only do we gather with family and friends, counting and sharing our blessings, but we also remember those American ideals of tolerance, justice, respect, and taking a stand for those who need a helping hand.
This is a joyous time, and joyous place, for most of us. As we break bread, sip cider and hold hands together, let’s gaze in the direction of the Statue of Liberty, and remember that no matter from where, how or when we got here, it is about Liberty for ALL.
Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours,
Dr. Marcia V. Lyles - Superintendent of Schools