National Hispanic Heritage Month

Dear Jersey City Community,
September 15th marked the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month, and there are programs and activities throughout the district acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. It is an opportunity for all of us to learn more about one another.
Many of Jersey City’s children have direct roots from Latin America, South America, Mexico, or Spain, and they share a proud heritage with luminaries such as a Supreme Court Justice, Senators, or a Surgeon General, as well as many of the teachers, administrators, and other staff in our schools. Yes, there are Latino authors, artists, and athletes internationally known, and they may provide role models or fill our students with pride, but it is much more than celebrities.
The late Cesar Chavez, farm worker, labor organizer, and civil rights activist noted, “We need to help students and parents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourish and strengthen this community and this nation.”
So, yes, it is about the past accomplishments as we cultivate future astronauts, activists, and architects sitting right in our classrooms today. But we must also ensure that our children can cherish their food, dress, music, language, and traditions in an environment that says, these are the things and these are the people that make America great.
For Every Child,
Dr. Marcia V. Lyles,