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Student Address Verification

Please use the following link to verify your address. This system has a 2-step Registration process for enhanced security. Follow the steps explained below to sign up.
1. All New users have to register themselves by clicking on "User Sign Up"
2. In the registration Page, fill the top part with your Student's information
3. Click on Generate Code. A One Time Numerical Code will be sent to your student's email account. This code will be valid for the next 30 minutes. Retrieve the code as you will need it to complete the second part.
Note: If you do not see the email, check spam and other folders. The email will be sent from this email address: [email protected]
4. Enter the One Time Code sent in the student's email account in the bottom part. Enter the Parent's email id. Set your own password. This password will be used for your subsequent logins.
5. Click on Register
6. An email will be sent to the Parent's Email id that was used for registering in the second part. This email will have a Verify Email link. Please click on the Verify Email link and login with your password to complete Registration process.
7. On login, you will have access to edit and update your address and contact information. In each section that you edit, click on the green check to accept the edits and red cross to cancel the edits
8. Please upload a document in pdf or jpeg/jpg format as a proof of residency
9. Submit the form