Lead in Water Report

The Jersey City  Board  of Education (District) is committed to  protecting student, teacher, and staff health.The Board has provided for Lead-in-Drinking-Water testing of the potable drinking water outlets in each of your school  facilities.

This testing has been  done  in accordance with  technical guidelines and the Rules' requirements at New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:26 and N.J.A.C. 7:10- being the current rules  of  the  New  Jersey Department of  Education (DOE) and  New  Jersey Department of Environmental Protection(DEP), respectively.

The    District  utilized  our   licensed  environmental  engineering  company  and laboratory to assist with the compliance efforts; Tectonic developed a systematic quality assurance  project plan,  plus  a sampling and analysis  plan,  and  plumbing profile for each location to guide the testing.  Tectonic worked with  facilities staff, the business office, other professionals, plumbers,and maintenance staff to achieve this result.

You can see the reports for each school by opening the respective Acrobat pdf files.