Curriculum and Instruction Events

JC Arts Annual Student Showcase
Traditionally a JC Arts show is held annually at the JC Loew's Theatre. In keeping with that tradition a virtual showcase was prepared to celebrate the work of our students and teachers. Please enjoy the following presentation prepared by Nina DiRenzo, MAHS art teacher highlighting various pieces from throughout the high schools and  middle schools.
On Saturday November 2, 2019, the Curriculum and Instruction department in collaboration with 4-H Youth development of Rutgers University and Hudson County Community College hosted an event at the Hudson County Community College S.T.E.M. building.
Art teachers participated in the  Atelier Art Show at the Majestic Theatre Gallery, 222 Montgomery Street, JC.
46 Art Teachers participated in a professional development day at the NYC Botanical Gardens.  Art Teachers were immersed in nature and gathered reference sketches and photos for future projects this year.  Art Teachers will turnkey information gathered to students in the STEAM Sustainability Challenge -Climate Action-Protecting Green Spaces and also for the Teacher As Artist, Art Thesis Fauna & Flora.