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A-Team - Middle School Athletics
The Jersey City Public Schools Elementary Athletic League is designed to develop the student-athlete physically, academically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. A greater emphasis will be placed on participation rather than competition. Physical skills, methods, techniques, and rules will be emphasized rather than winning. The coach will emphasize team effort and collaboration rather than promoting individual achievement.
Sports Season II: During Season II students have the opportunity to participate in Boys' Basketball, Girls' Basketball, and Fitness Olympics. Fitness Olympics is an event-based, meet - based on the Presidential Fitness Campaign benchmarks. Students compete in categories such as sit-ups, jump rope, push-ups, shuttle run, and speed walk. This activity stresses the importance of being fit, healthy, and staying active.
Athletics/ High Schools
Our Athletic Department is dedicated to providing programs that enrich the educational experiences of our students. These programs underscore the importance of students' learning and classroom achievements. The programs also help students develop traits that will serve them well throughout life, such as discipline, responsibility, sportsmanship, integrity, leadership, and an appreciation of all people.
With the assistance of their dedicated teachers, coaches, and the support of their families and the community, our teams and athletes have won local, state and national competitions, and have become a source of great pride for the Jersey City Board of Education and the Jersey City community.
You can access the information for each of our high schools by visiting our High School Athletics Department for schedules and staff information.