Instructional Packets for Public Health Related School Closures-Sept 10th

Guidance Regarding Requirements for Public Health-Related School Closure Action Plan Protocols:
Refer to District Plan Steps 1-3
1. Memos will be posted to all administrators and parents will be notified of the Action Plan for Special Education students if a public school closure should occur.
2. Building level administrators need to share this information with teachers and support staff depending on program and grade level.
3. Teachers need to contact parents in order to complete a resource survey to see if their students have access to a device as well as the internet.
4. Teachers will plan according to their program and grade level following the guidance below. If students have access to a device with internet access teachers will post lessons on google classroom. If students do not have access to a device and/or internet then packets will be posted on the intranet depending on program type for teachers to access, student’s needs and grade level. Teachers may add to the packet to include additional work that coincides with goals on student’s I.E.P.s. The schools will be responsible for making copies of the packets and sending them home with students. The teachers will be responsible for assigning the appropriate material and providing the students with their username and passwords for the district approved web based curriculums and interventions.
5. Related Service information is also included in the plan. Service providers will be sending home packets and resources for instruction at home.
6. All accommodations and modifications will be made to the best of our ability with the assistance of our Special Education teachers for our students.
*Social Studies and Science are integrated in the Language Arts lessons.
*Added Resources are also included for additional support.
A. TEACH Packets (Autistic Self Contained Classrooms)
B. Inclusion Intervention Packets
C. Resource Room Packets
E. Learning Disabled Self Contained, CHOICES Self Contained, Behavioral Disorder Self Contained
**Related Services-Packets will be sent home by therapists**