How has the District Prepared for PARCC?

Devices & Infrastructure:
1. Devices reported in NJTRAX, NJDOE's PARCC Readiness Database, show the district has enough devices (chrome books, laptops, netbooks, desktops) at each site to administer the test.
2. Infrastructure:
a. Broadband Speed between C.O. and Schools is currently being upgrading (prior to test) from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps (from a 1-lane highway to a 20 lane highway).
b. The district has been upgrading the wireless at each school site to provide a seamless use of wi-fi devices during the test administration. There has been a procurement of services to complete the wireless upgrade of the remaining two schools (MS#7 and PS#11) prior to administration of the test.
c. Proxy servers are being implemented to pre-load the actual test locally so that the individual test devices are using the 1 Gbps connection between the buildings instead of using the Internet.
d. There will be additional Techs available to visit the schools to setup and label the devices as "PARCC Ready". They will also be "Onsite" in the schools the day of testing for tech support.
e. The resources from Pearson PARCC workshop on 1/29/15 and any future PARCC workshops from NJDOE or PEARSON will be disseminated through Intranet and Moodle to building test administrators and tech contacts.
Test Administration:
a. The test supervisor has been communicating with school testing teams and providing PARCC training materials from PARCC and NJDOE training events.
b. The test supervisor is also providing resources and training for the building test team.
c. The testing department has been provided with enrollment information to develop testing schedules for each school.
d. The testing department will work with the Business Technology department to pre-enroll students for the administration of the test.
Teacher/Student Readiness
a. Teachers have been provided with links to PARCC practice tests so that teachers and students can experience the rigor of the new assessment.
b. School librarians, and sometimes building technology teachers, have been using an online resource ( to expose students to working in an online environment so that the assessment delivery system does not penalize the student population.
c. Supervisors have been working with teachers to change the format and increase the rigor in lessons and classroom developed assessments.