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RESOLVED, that the bylaws and policies printed and codified in the comprehensive document entitled “Bylaws and Policies of the Jersey City Board of Education” are hereby adopted and that all bylaws and policies heretofore adopted by the Jersey City Board of Education and inconsistent with the bylaws and policies hereby adopted are hereby rescinded, and be it further 

RESOLVED, that in the event any policy, part of a policy or section of the bylaws is judged to be inconsistent with law or inoperative by a court of competent jurisdiction or is invalidated by a policy or contract duly adopted by this Board, the remaining bylaws, policies, and parts of policies shall remain in full effect. 

Adopted by the Jersey City Board of Education in the County of Hudson at a public meeting held in Jersey City, New Jersey on the 24th day of March 2022. 

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0000 ByLaws
1000 Administration
2000 Program
3000 Teaching Staff Members
4000 Non-instructional Personnel
5000 Students
6000 Finances
7000 Property
8000 Operations
9000 Community

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R1000 Administration
R2000 Program
R3000 Teaching Staff Members
R4000 Non-instructional Personnel
R5000 Students
R6000 Finances
R7000 Property
R8000 Operations
R9000 Community