Two of McNair’s Best Take Home Awards at this Summer’s ‘Blacks at Microsoft’ Event.

Alisha Varma (2023) won an individual award for a coding project, which involved developing a website using HTML, CSS, and JS for her organization called "Life Below Water." The challenge she had to complete was to design a project on anything of her interests or passions and present it to the rest of the group, which would be judged with a selected winner. Her non-profit organization aims to help educate people on the dangers of ocean pollution, while also providing volunteer and donation opportunities to help protect our oceans. The website she coded for it effectively reflected the goals of her organization, while also demonstrating the complexity of the code she used in her web page. Along with 1st place for the individual event, Alisha was also awarded an Xbox360.

Anisa Robinson (2021) led her team to 1st place in the group competition. Her team, COVworks, created a Wix website that exploited Microsoft's resources such as Microsoft AI and Power BI. Anisa coded a prototype of a chat bot using Java on an online coding website, called, that would give answers to common questions about COVID-19 to users and placed it on the website. Along with her other team members, they used Microsoft Power BI to create interactive graphs providing full context of case data for each country, coded another chat bot that printed encouraging quotes to make sure users were getting something positive out of our website besides COVID-19 data, and created a blog to keep people informed on the updates on COVID-19. All members of the team were awarded a Microsoft Surface.