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Pre-K Registration


Online Pre-K  Registration 


To register with the Jersey City Public Schools Pre-K please click on the link below


JC Public Schools Online Pre-K Registration


For important information regarding Pre-K Registration please read this

For registration and other inquiries, please call the Early Childhood Office at 201-915-6078/6045.

Or email:  [email protected]

Are you having technical issues submitting online pre-k registration? If so, explain your concern and submit this form.


To register with the Childcare centers, please use the following list to contact them directly. 

Childcare centers


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K-12 Registration
Online K-12 Registration 
To register with the Jersey City Public Schools K-12  please click on the link below
Important information to remember:
  • Before you begin registration, please gather the following:
    • Household Information -- address and phone numbers
    • Parent Information -- address, email, phone numbers, proof of residency
    • Student Information -- demographic information, birth certificate and health immunization record
    • Emergency contact -- Name and phone numbers
  • The following documentation must be submitted:
    1. Child's birth certificate
    2. Two (2) proofs of address (for example - utility, telephone, or cable bill, driver's license, lease)
    3. The school nurse will need the following:
      • Up-to-date immunization record
      • The Kindergarten Immunization form is available in:
        English, Spanish and Arabic by selecting the language of choice.
  • Students who are New to the United States: If you are registering a child who speaks a language other than English or who has moved to the US from another country, you must first go to the Multilingual Intake Center (even if the child is an English speaker), so that your child can be appropriately placed in their home school. For more information about this is go here -  Multilingual Intake Center.
  • Registrations for selective high schools: McNair High School, Innovation High School and Infinity High School registration is a separate process.
For K-12 registration follow ups, please get in touch with the School Contacts for the School your Student applied to.
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Student TransferTo request a School Transfer Only, please fill out this form: School Transfer Form
Important information to remember:
A Parent will have to fill out the following form and request a Student Transfer in any of the following cases
  • Transfer out a Student from a Jersey City Public School
  • Transfer out a Student from a Charter School
To successfully complete and submit the Form make sure you have the following documents
  • Acceptance Document from the Receiving School i.e. School your student will be transferred to
  • if you are transferring from one Jersey City Public School to another Jersey City Public School, also upload a Proof of Residency
    Proofs of residency can be ANY one of the following:
               New Jersey Driver’s License
               State identification
               Utility bill (example: PSE&G, SUEZ Water)
               Telephone bill
               Cable TV bill
               Residency evidence on leasing company's letterhead
               Employment documents
               Benefit statements
               Notarized letter from private homeowner including names of all persons residing in the residence
               Unemployment claims

For Transfer related inquiries, please email : [email protected]