OPRA Request Form

The Open Public Records Acts (OPRA) seeks to increase transparency by enabling members of the public to request any public record from the district that is not otherwise private. Records that are part of employee files, student records, or which are considered private (disciplinary records, any records with personal information, etc.) cannot be accessed through OPRA.
OPRA requests are not the proper method to obtain copies of student records(transcripts, health records etc.) as student records are exempt from release under OPRA statutes. To request any JCPS district, student related records like Transcripts, Student Cumulative Records, Student medical records please submit the following form : Student Record Request
To simplify the process of making a request for a public record, we have created this online form: OPRA Request. This link will provide the information you need to make your request and will enable your request to be more easily tracked and fulfilled in a timely manner.
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