Student Life and Services


Department of Student Life and Personnel Services


 Ms. Candace Coccaro

[email protected]

Director of Student Life and Personnel Services

Phone: (201) 915-6227



At the Department of Student Life and Personnel Services, we’re here to support you on your journey, with programs and services that promote high standards, equity, inclusion, diversity, and values that promote excellence in academics and social-emotional health.  We are committed to providing a robust continuum of services using the whole child approach of care.  Services include behavioral health services, a multi-tiered support system in academics and social-emotional learning, before and after school care, restorative practices, the convergence of equitable policies, and community partnerships to eliminate opportunity and achievement gaps to ensure access and provide excellence in education for every student. Each student's academic, physical, cultural, and social development is viewed as a shared responsibility of the child, parent, and faculty. Our goal is to ensure that each student's individual learning needs are addressed to help him/ her meet the unique and rigorous challenges of the college and career readiness process. These challenges are met with a team approach, which includes a collaboration between teachers, parents, administration, and additional outside agencies. As we embrace diversity and keep pace with an ever-changing world, we must provide programs that continually connect the school with the home and community in the most beneficial ways possible.