Finance & Business Operations Division

Acting School Business Administrator

Dr. Dennis Frohnapfel

The Finance & Business Operations Division is responsible for providing for the education and well-being of our most valuable investment—our students. We prepare the budget, monitor financial matters, and ensure that certain operations are conducted safely, effectively and efficiently. To accomplish these tasks, various departments within our division are charged with specific responsibilities. These include:
The Budget Department works with our administrative departments and with all of our schools to develop budgets that comply with state and federal regulations. More information on the budget and school funding is available on our School Funding and District Budget page. The last completed audit report is available here: CAFRA 2017
The Food Services Department plans prepares and serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks in compliance with state and federal regulations.
The Facilities Department makes certain our school buildings are properly cleaned, heated, repaired and maintained.
The Student Transportation Department is responsible for transporting our students in the following manner:
home to school, school to school events, field trips, athletic contests, and other extra-curricular activities.
Any further questions or concerns, you contact the business administrator's office at 201-915-6274.