Elementary, Middle and High Schools

For applications for selective middle schools, information on how to register a child for school, see below.
Step 1: Find out your home school
For Home School Information, please contact 201-915-6201
The Jersey City Public Schools is a district comprised of 40 neighborhood Elementary and High Schools. Home School refers to the neighborhood school and is assigned by your address. Call 201-915-6201 or 201-915-6111 to find out about your local school.
Step 2: Bring the following information with you to register at your home school.
Parent/Guardian must possess the following documentation:
  • Proof of residency (PSE&G/Phone Bill)
  • Proof of age (Birth Certificate)
  • Immunization records
  • Transfer card
  • Transcript/Most recent report card (if available)
Students are expected to attend the school to which they are assigned. Parents may request admission to another school using our Open Enrollment form. Such requests are considered if they promote the desegregation in the Jersey City Public Schools and only if there is available space. Applying for admission through Open Enrollment does not guarantee a new placement.