Black History Americana Music in PS#11 School's Assembly

Hudson West Fest Kicks Off School Music Program in Jersey City

Hudson West Fest presented a free music program at PS/MS 11 in Jersey City on Friday, February

Hudson West Fest presented its first school music program on Friday, February 15th to students from the
5th through 8th grades at PS/MS 11 in Jersey City. The program is entitled “Songs of the Struggle and
Freedom” and is a survey of songs about freedom for African Americans from slavery to the present day.

The presentation was led by Reggie Harris – a noted African American singer and educator, and one of the
foremost presenters of the songs of the Underground Railroad and of the Modern Civil Rights Movement.
Hudson West Fest coordinated this new music event with the administration at PS/MS 11 who shares the vision
of bringing all types of music to a wider community.