PS#28 Student Teams

ps28PS#28 Hydro Savers
PS#28 Hydro Savers team is the 1st Place Regional Finalist in the nationwide ECYBERMISSION STEM competition. They are our all girls team as shown in the attached picture.  Here's the official list of winners.
They are one of the only three teams to represent the NorthEast region of our country as Regional Finalists.
ps28PS#28 Compost Coalition
PS#28 all boys team Compost Coalition is advancing to the final round of the STeam Tank Competition. Virtual judging will take place on May 30th! Here's the link for the finalists.
The Compost Coalition is a PS 28 STEAM Expeditions team of four 8th grade students headed towards the final competition of the NJSBA STEAM Tank challenge on May 30th! The team identified a problem in our community and that is a lack of an efficient way to heat buildings and created a device that can use compost to heat rooms using very little electric power and using the excess heat during the composting process to transfer it to rooms to heat them. We are so proud of them!