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Debasis Gupta – Management Information System Specialist


The Jersey City Public School District provides all students and staff the foundation on which to build a technologically enhanced, restructured, supportive, learning environment. Our vision is that the most appropriate technologies are infused in the most natural manner into highly effective instructional and administrative programs so that the public school community has equitable access to achieve a richer, more challenging, rewarding, educational experience from routine use of technologies.
To this end, we strive to ensure that the transitions to technologically enriched programs are as seamless and transparent as possible.

The IT department of the Jersey City Public Schools district has the primary responsibility for the maintenance of the core business components, student information systems and central operation of the computer network that supports the entire school district.  This department works as a backbone to district Information systems and connects to all schools to establish a central database. We bring experience and professionalism to the district business operation and functionalities.

The motto of the IT department is to provide the schools with a reliable state-of-art network, computing resources, and information technology services.






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Help Desk Operation

The Help Desk function supports over thirty-nine school buildings that have computer equipment, copiers, scanners, and Smart Boards, Promethean Boards handheld devices and smart devices. The hours of the Help Desk are from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday – Friday. We not only troubleshoot problems but also provide technical support for the Board of Education meetings or other high profile events.

Our goal is to continue to move towards transforming the Jersey City School District into the most efficiently and effectively run business entity within New Jersey by utilizing the latest technological innovations available.

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