Superintendent's Message


January 24, 2021

Greetings Parents,


I want to share my weekly message of January 25, 2021. The last ten months have been a period of new challenges and difficult choices, testing our collective strength and endurance as we have faced the unknown together.  Unexpectedly, we had to reinvent public education building blocks in New Jersey's second-largest school system.  We reinvented how students "go to class" to grading policy, attendance, and everything in between. 


Jersey City Public Schools is an urban district with old buildings and crowded classrooms that make getting schools ready extremely difficult and costly. On Thursday, during the Board Meeting, my team will share all that we have done to get schools ready. 


Fortunately, the COVID-19 virus does not severely affect children, but children can not return to school without their teachers and the staff to keep them safe.  As soon as the vaccines are available in Jersey City, we will make them available to our employees in collaboration with the JC Health Department.  NJ health commissioner Judy Persichilli said that once the vaccine supply increases, we will be able to dole out as many as 3,000 to 5,000 vaccine doses a day.


Our goal is to bring students for in-person learning during the fourth marking period if Public-health statistics for the State continue to trend in a favorable direction. Our students reside in Jersey City, but our staff lives across many counties, so we need to monitor health data across the State.  The Pandemic is ever-evolving, and we had to make many adjustments during the last ten months. 


Parents, I want to acknowledge your continued commitment to keeping your children and the district staff safe as we navigate this unprecedented Pandemic.  You became more involved in your child's learning last March, and your dedication is making a difference for your child.  Our staff and I look forward to the day we see and hear your children inside our schools.  There is nothing more fulfilling to an educator than to witness the magic that takes place every day in school.  


Continue to be safe

Franklin Walker



January 17, 2021

Greetings Parents,


Tomorrow Monday, January 18, 2021, is a federal holiday, and we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Students do not have classes. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day is a good day to reminisce about the words of wisdom from the giant of the civil rights movement whose nonviolent resistance to the injustices, racial segregation, employment discrimination, and the denial of the right to vote — enlightened our Nation and the world. In the face of tumult and upheaval, Dr. King reminded us to always meet anger with compassion. As we honor Dr. King, let us remember  his famous words, "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."


This week students will be participating in reading, writing, or art lessons for "No Name-Calling Week," which is rooted in the idea of Kindness In Action - not merely recognizing the importance of kindness but actively adding a loving heart into our everyday actions.


Students must actively engage in their virtual classes every day. As students participate in classes and complete their assignments, they move closer to mastering the grade level requisites and standards. Please remember that the teachers are taking attendance, and every day, students miss a class it delays their learning.


We continue to serve meals at 20 different schools throughout the city three days a week, except on holidays. In addition to the 20 schools, we run the Meals on the Bus program serving meals along eight different busy streets. 


On Wednesday, President-Elect Biden will be sworn as the 46th President of the United States after tumultuous at the Capital. When speaking to your children about these events, please help them process the information using their head, heart, and, most importantly, their ethical conscience. 


Please continue to be cautious, avoid gatherings, and wear a mask as the spread of the COVID-19 virus threatens our health.  Every day, senior staff and I engage in discussions to determine when and how we can return students to the school buildings.  I know there is a tremendous concern for when schools will re-open for in-person instruction.  Since September, every decision that causes us to delay the reopening is made with you and your children in mind and give you adequate time to plan.   The decision for April 21st is to do the same with additional consideration given to the current health risk.  With the vaccine availability and rollout, we hope to return to in-person learning real soon as a district.


Thank you,

Franklin Walker



January 10, 2021

Greetings Parents,


This week of January 11, 2021, I will post a letter with more details about the Reopening Plans.  Unfortunately, the number of individuals infected does has not decreased, and scientists predict an even higher number of cases due to the holidays.  So due to the high COVID-19 transmission rate, students enrolled in the Jersey City Public Schools will remain in "Phase I" explained in the Reopening Plan with remote learning through April 21, 2021. The District will release new information within the next week.   I will send the employees directly the date the District expects them to return to work in person. As the Board and I described earlier this school year, the staff working remotely will report to work in person before the students.


Fortunately, Governor Murphy prioritizes teachers for the COVID-19 vaccine making it safer for them to reunite with their students.  The Governor also promised that New Jerseyans would not have to pay for the vaccine itself, regardless of whether they have health insurance coverage.  That's a promising sign amid so much uncertainty and national turmoil.


We continue to serve meals at 20 different schools throughout the city three days a week, except on holidays. In addition to the 20 schools, we run the Meals on the Bus program serving meals along 8 different busy streets and most neighborhoods. The Meals on the Bus run on Martin Luther King Blvd., Cole Street, Palisades Avenue, Kennedy Blvd., West Side Avenue, Garfield Avenue, and Ocean Avenue. Please visit the District's website and Facebook page for specific times.


Students must actively engage in their virtual classes every day.   As students participate in classes and complete their assignments, they move closer to mastering the grade level requisites and standards.  Please remember that the teachers are taking attendance, and every day, students miss a class it delays their learning.


Good evening and remain safe.


Franklin Walker


January 3, 2021




I hope you were able to enjoy this very different and well-earned winter recess. Tomorrow, Monday, January 4, 2021, we resume classes. I am calling to wish you and your families a very happy, safe, and healthy new year! Without stating the obvious, 2020 was a challenging year marked by historical events and unforeseen changes to work and home lives. It also forced the District and every one of us as individuals to learn new skills.


We will continue with remote learning through the second marking period, and students need to actively engage in their virtual classes each and every day. As students participate in classes and complete their assignments, they move closer to mastering the grade level requisites and standards. The second marking period ends on February 2, 2021. 


According to reports, New Jersey's counts of new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to very high. We continue to review information, health data, and recommendations to announce the return to in-person learning. We will work with the Board and the different unions to let you know when we will be moving to Phase 2 with in-person learning. 


Governor Murphy announced that indoor sports activities may resume with a 10-person capacity limit on all indoor activities, except players, coaches, and officials. For most sports, that means no spectators. We know you want to support our student-athletes, your children, but safety remains our highest priority. We will not be able to have fans in the games, but we will try to stream as many games as possible. 


It's time to be hopeful, have new dreams, and make some new resolutions for the new year. It's time to connect with each other with a phone call, a card, or by Zooming, not in person. As shared on numerous occasions, please follow these guidelines to protect your health and those around you:


  • Wear a mask;
  • Maintain social distance and remain 6 feet apart from co-workers and in public spaces;
  • Avoid unnecessary gatherings;
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after being in a public place, coughing, or sneezing;
  • If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • If you have a fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, please remain home and only go out to seek medical care. 


The new year means a lot of new dreams and achievements for our students. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the Jersey City Public Schools' children. I wish you and your beautiful family a very healthy, happy, and prosperous new year. Stay safe, and let's beat the Pandemic with new energy.


Franklin Walker


November 29, 2020


Dear Parents,


I wish you had a safe Thanksgiving.  It certainly was different for everyone away from the extended family and close friends we traditionally enjoy. Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for most people.  Unfortunately, health data reinforce how important it is for everyone to maintain social distance, avoid gatherings, and wear a mask.


The schedules remain the same. However, we will continue to monitor the current schedules to provide needed support to students who may have experienced some challenges adjusting to remote learning during the first marking period. 


Today is November 29, 2020, and we are now entering the second marking period.  All students need to continue working hard to learn new skills.  Regrettably, the increase in COVID 19 cases makes it difficult to have in-person learning, and parents need to be involved in daily lessons.  As educators, we know it takes time for students to learn new skills in each of the content areas.  Please have patience with your children but be consistent and maintain the routines you and their teachers have developed.  In-person learning is the best, but to keep everyone safe, we must continue with online learning.  


Please take advantage of the meals at 20 different schools throughout the city.  All Jersey City children under the age of 18 are eligible.  Please visit the website at to learn about the schedule and find the school nearest you.   It does not need to be the school your children attend but one closest to your home. 


Please continue to support your children with remote learning and follow the health recommendations to stay healthy.


November 18, 2020


Good evening Parents,


I hope you and your loved ones continue to enjoy good health during these challenging times. As I told you last Sunday, we have tweaked the student schedules for the second marking period using your responses and recommendations. These minor adjustments to the schedule will allow teachers to personalize support for students. So today, I want to give you a brief overview of the changes. The District's website will have complete information this weekend. 


During the second marking, the students' schedules from preschool to eighth grade will include independent learning activities every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. During this independent time, students who need assistance will be scheduled for individual or small group support from 1:30 to 2:10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning December 1st. Teachers will then have time for professional learning, as we all try to master new techniques and technology from 2:15 to 2:55. Again this is the schedule for students from preschool to 8th grade beginning December 1st. 


High School students will work independently every Wednesday afternoon. During this independent time, students who need assistance will be scheduled for individual or small group support from 1:30 to 2:10 on Wednesdays beginning December 2nd. Teachers will then have time for professional learning, as we all try to master new techniques and technology from 2:15 to 3:10. Again, this is the schedule that begins on December 2nd. 


Thank you for your patience as we all navigate the pandemic. Please continue to observe all the recommendations to keep each other safe.


Franklin Walker




October 11, 2020

Greetings parents,


Tomorrow Monday, October 12, the district is closed in observance of Columbus Day, a Federal Holiday.  I said that we would begin the revised schedule this week, but we needed more planning time.  We will make students and families aware of the new times this week, and we will begin the week of October 19.  Students will not miss out on any subject but will experience less time in Google Meet or Zoom.


We continue to monitor State Health data for Covid-19 and, together with your feedback to your child's principal, will use the information to set a date to begin Phase 2. In Phase 2, a portion of the students will go to school for in-person learning.


Please make sure your child signs in every morning.  Students need to participate in synchronous lessons with their teachers, which is how teachers take attendance. Low attendance will negatively impact their academic growth and ability to learn the standards for the grade level.  Since we can't be together in schools, we need to make sure students are present remotely.


I hope you enjoy an extra day this weekend and continue to maintain social distance.



October 4, 2020


Greetings Parents,


Autumn is officially here with the colorful leaves and cooler weather. As our students and teachers work remotely, the staff continues to get schools ready for in-person learning. We continue to monitor school readiness and health data to determine the start of phase 2. Phase 2 is a combination of in-person and remote learning for one-third of the students. 


Tomorrow, October 5th is the last day to complete the Census. The 2020 Census counts everyone living in the United States regardless. Please make sure it counts you and your family. When everyone participates, the government provides more funds to improve hospitals, schools, and the City. Please complete the form online, by visiting


October is National Principals Month, and I want to take this opportunity to thank our principals for their leadership and search for excellence. Their dedication benefits the students and staff. 


On Wednesday, students do not have classes, but teachers will have an opportunity to participate in professional development opportunities. We listened to your recommendations, and the week of October 12th, we will share a revised schedule for students with less screen time. The revised school will include all content areas, including art, music, and physical education. 


Your child's school will continue to reach out to learn if you plan to send your child for in-person learning when schools open. We need the information to make our plans.  Thank you, and continue to maintain healthy habits to stay safe. 


Franklin Walker


September 27, 2020


Dear Parents,


Our students and staff now have two weeks of a new school year in a way that has never been done before but may become our future practices.  It doesn't seem like the COVID-19 Pandemic will end soon enough, and we need to think differently about how we do things.  Technology and remote learning will be an essential part of teaching and learning.  We are currently reviewing the schedules to make adjustments that allow our students to receive a great learning experience but allow for some flexibility. Based on your recommendations, we may shorten the school day for students.  Currently, we plan to bring students for in-person instruction using phase 1 of the hybrid model at the end of the first marking period on November 17, 2020.  During phase 1, only one-third of the class would report to school for in-person learning.  Parents may choose to keep their children on remote learning through June 2021, as explained in the JCPS Reopening Plan. 


We have talented educators who know how to teach, but we are all learning new skills quickly.  So just as we plan to keep our students mastering new skills, we continue to challenge ourselves.  There will be many opportunities for the staff to participate in professional learning opportunities. 


The custodial staff will also have opportunities to learn about new products, procedures, and practices to keep everyone safe.  They are a vital part of keeping everyone safe and healthy. 


In the next few weeks, we should receive the student desk shields. These shields are also called sneeze guards. Every student will have protection to prevent the droplets from touching other students.  Yesterday, district staff were physically setting up a few COVID-19 Model classrooms, and we will be able to show you as soon through pictures from a few different schools.  


We have reached a historical agreement with NJCU to keep A Harry Moore in their building, providing a vulnerable population with continuity and an updated facility.  


The District will distribute the applications for admission to schools like MAHS, Infinity, Liberty, and the Accelerated Programs at MS 4 and Academy I in January. We will schedule the test between February and March.  At that time, students will be able to take the test in-person since they don't have a remote option. 


Continue to be safe,


Franklin Walker 

Superintendent of Schools


September 20, 20200


Greetings Parents,


Last week we had our first week of classes, and even though it is a brand new experience for everyone, we were able to achieve success to some degree. As educators, we prefer and know that a traditional instruction model is the most effective because learning depends strongly on the social-emotional bonds forged in the classroom. Parents, thank you for y the feedback and suggestions. It is still very early to determine what works and what needs to be tweaked. 


Remote learning has forced everyone to operate outside the comfort zone, and for the parents with young children, it means that you need to be part of the process. We can imagine and empathize with the challenges, but you need to know the school district's goal is to make sure your children achieve high academic levels despite the Pandemic. Your children's future depends on mastering the standards to get into great schools and have successful careers. 


More than ever, your child needs you. Please make sure your child attends all the online sessions and completes the assignments. As the schools receive the workbooks, they will let you know the schedule to pick up the consumable materials. The younger students need these resources to practice their writing, reading, and mathematical skills. 


 If your child needs in grades, K-12 need a device, call the school and schedule a time for pick-up. If you are not able to reach the school, you can call  1-877-708-8195. The most important goal is to give access to families without a computer. Then, we plan to provide a device to every child, which will take in October and November when more Chromebooks come in.  


Every year we have an Open House where parents visit the school and meet the teachers and the principals. Well, under the new normal, it will be different. Your child's teacher will send you an email inviting all the parents in the class for an evening meeting using Google Classroom or Zoom. This Tuesday, September 22nd, is the Open House for Elementary Schools. Middle School Open House is Wednesday, September 23rd. Tuesday, September 29th, is the High School Open House. The schools will let you know.


Have a great week, and continue to be safe. 


Franklin Walker

Superintendent of Schools



September 13, 2020


Good evening parents,


This week we will continue with virtual learning. We had an excellent start to the school year, and it will continue to improve. During a traditional school year, the first few days of classes are full of questions and uncertainties as parents get to know their children's class expectations and as teachers get to know their students. This year the difference is that parents get to see the process and, at times, expect perfection. It takes time to build routines and set achievable expectations. Your children will be able to do all that you wish, but it won't happen overnight. We know it is not easy and would love to be able to have students in the classroom, but that is not possible at this time. 


We are all doing things differently during the pandemic. In the past, we gave students all their books on the first day of class; now, the process will be different. Your child's school will let you know when they will distribute the books for young learners. Older students can use all the materials online, but younger children may need workbooks.


Please communicate with your child's school, we have many different classes, and there is no one answer. The response needs to be specific to your child's level. 


Teaching and learning are not easy, and doing it through virtual instruction is challenging. However, working together will benefit your child. If your child needs in grades, K-12 need a device, call the school and schedule a time for pick-up. If you are not able to reach the school, you can call  1-877-708-8195.



Franklin Walker

Superintendent of Schools

Friday September 11, 2020
Superintendent's Welcome Back 2020-2021 School Year

September 6, 2020

Greetings parents,


This week we begin classes for the 2020-2021 school year.  First, let me thank you for your support and understanding. As a school district, we responded to the unexpected invasion of COVID-19 in the Spring and continue to cope with the unprecedented changes.  Not only did we finish the school year differently, but now we are resuming classes remotely. 


We can play the blaming game, but that reality is that it is a learning process for all, and as a public entity, the JCPS must adhere to numerous regulations filled with bureaucracy.  Our goal is to close the digital gap and have a device for every child who needs it, and we have enough Chromebooks at this time.  The second goal is to provide a 1 to 1, in other words, a device for every child, which will take in October and November when the additional 10,000 devices come in.   Additionally, every school and department review its budget and continue to purchase Chromebooks to maintain school devices.


The Road Back Plan recommends that districts supplement gaps in student access to devices and connectivity. The Plan does not mandate any purchases because the State would need to provide more money.  It is public information that the JCPS has experienced a reduction in funding. We are currently involved in litigation.  The City has been helpful, and the payroll tax has helped, but it is not enough.


During this unprecedented time, we are all trailblazers forging new paths and making adjustments as necessary.  If your child does not have a device to use, contact the school; all distributions will occur at the schools.  You will have a scheduled time and date to pick-up a Chromebook to allow for social distance.  If you are fortunate to have a computer and connectivity for your child, please let the school know that your need is not immediate, and you can wait. 


Please visit the website where I have a detailed explanation of a typical student schedule.  Teachers will receive their plans on Tuesday when they return to work.  Then you will receive your child's specific classes and times. 


We are all anxious about this new experience.  Let's work together and help one another.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend as we honor the contributions workers have made to our country's strength, prosperity, and well-being.  Please continue to be safe. 


Thank You.

Franklin Walker

Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent Franklin Walker and Assistant Superintendent Ellen Ruane
discuss the Reopening Plan and Sample Student Schedules for Phase 1 Remote Learning. 


August 30, 2020 

Good evening parents,


I am very excited to begin the 2020-2021 school year. It was an unforgettable summer, but I hope you had time to spend time with your family because many of us have experienced a loss. Despite the Pandemic, the beginning of the school year brings new relationships and endless opportunities. We have high expectations for our students, and everyone will support our students' academic and social-emotional growth. We are Educating for Greatness by developing a vision of doing what is best for all students and making them academically competitive in a global society. The custodial, maintenance, clerical staff, and administrators have been busily preparing to ensure that we meet our students' developmental needs while we provide enrichment, acceleration, resources, and support. Classes resume on September 10th, and we need to be ready. Remote learning will be very different from last Spring when we implemented a home-instruction model. During this upcoming school year, we must provide a full day of instruction during the 180 days of classes.  We also know that excellent teaching requires face-to-face interactions and independent activities. While students will be learning the full day, the amount of time they spend in front of the screen will be developmentally appropriate based on their age and development. The school day will include core subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. It will also include activities to promote social-emotional well-being, physical activities, music, the arts, and time for lunch. During August, many teachers participated in professional development. We are also working with the Administrators who returned to school last week to share our expectations, develop plans, and create specific school schedules. 


This school year, our practices will be different to ensure our students, staff, and community's safety. We will need to limit or schedule visitors to the school, but our administrators are working in the school so you can call with questions and concerns. The principals will be sending all the parents messages for each particular school to avoid confusion, including the specific schedule for your child based on their grade. At the district level, we will be sharing samples to help parents organize their day. The examples will show the typical day of a teacher to help you understand our goal. If your child needs a device, please contact your child’s principal or call the office.  Even though the doors are not open for visitors the staff will be able to answer your question or call you back with the information.   Please continue to take precautions to stay safe.


Thank you.

Franklin Walker

Superintendent of Schools



Mr. Walker discusses the importance of the parent survey as well important steps the district has taken to

ensure a safe opening along with a remote learning component for all school stakeholders. 

However, we must be mindful that reopening schools continues to be a continually evolving plan that will likely be revised and adjusted based on public health trends and guidelines from the Governor and the New Jersey Department of Education.  Superintendent Walker's Message as of July 24, 2020.

School Reopening Plan. 




August 16, 2020

Dear Parents and Students, 


Despite the Covid-19 challenges, we are still very excited to start the school year 2020-2021, encouraged by your unwavering support of, and inspired by your continued trust in the Jersey City Public Schools. 


Our clerical and administrative staff will be returning to work within the next week to answer your specific questions and concern.  We are getting ready to begin remote teaching and learning, feed our students, and to eventually welcome your children for in-person instruction as soon as health data lowers the risks.  


We are hiring custodial workers and nurse aides to maintain the health and safety guidelines outlined in our reopening plan.  Our instructional staff is also participating in professional development to enhance our ability to provide an exceptional education remotely.  As learning leaders, we must practice our expectations of always being better and learning something new each day.  


The curriculum department is diligently developing the specifics for remote instruction that include daily face to face time between the students and their teachers during the school day.  Google Classroom will be the official online platform to hold all the assignments, and our teachers will use other platforms to enhance instruction.  


If you want to see the JCPS Reopening Plan, visit the district's website.  Please continue to teach your child how to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and wash their hands frequently for 20 seconds.  


Franklin Walker

Superintendent of Schools


July 26, 2020

Greetings Parents,


This is Franklin Walker calling you with the weekly update of July 26, 2020.   I ask that you complete the survey to give us additional feedback to continue planning.It is only a survey.  In late August, we will need your decision, and even then, you will be able to change as long as you give us a short time to accommodate the request.  Parents, all remote learning will be online as a combination of students and teachers online at the same time based on a set schedule and other times when students work independently using Google Classroom to complete lessons that meet the NJ Student Learning Standards.


During phase 2 of the reopening plan, classes will be small.  We are looking to have class sizes of 30%.   There is no specific number because class sizes depend on age and need.  In pre-k, 30% of 15 approximately is 5 students; in a self-contained class of 12, it would be about 4, and in a class of 24, it would be 8 students, provided the classroom can accommodate the capacity. 


Procedures in the classroom will be developmentally appropriate, and the younger students will include movement and age-appropriate activities that would allow for social distance.  We expect older students to wear their masks, but we will be mindful of the needs of younger and exceptional needs learners.  Outdoor activities would be considered as much as possible, weather permitting. 


We did not propose to shorten the day for PK-8th grade to allow for staggered entrance and dismissal times.  We will screen all students and staff each morning, and younger students will take longer as we may need to have a parent present.   However, it is a change that we can consider.


We will have masks available for children that need them. At this time, please encourage your child to wear a mask and become comfortable with the need for safety.  Make sure that you have a thermometer available to take your child’s temperature before leaving for school.  We will need to actively enforce our current 24 hours of fever free policy for the health of all at the school.


This coming week during the Board Meeting, I share with the community our recommendations at this time.  The Reopening Plan allows for complete remote, a combination of remote and in-person in incremental phases.  I will continue to provide you with weekly updates all summer long.


Thank You and stay safe. 


Franklin Walker

Superintendent of Schools


July 19, 2020

Greetings parents,


This is the weekly update of July 19, 2020.  The Jersey City Public Schools Reopening Plan is in the planning stages as we work through the best learning model options available for our students, staff, and families this fall.  We are engaged in reviewing and refining our remote learning plan, while also preparing for the in-person reopening of schools in the fall.


There are many components to a safe reopening plan for the Jersey City Public Schools.  The most important aspect of our Plan is to prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of students and staff. The information parents/guardians provided via our initial survey has been beneficial as the Reopening Committees have been discussing and planning possible learning models for the 2020-2021 school year.  Although the State's guidance core goal is for all students to return to school in the fall safely, it is evident that many members of our school community are uncertain about sending their children back to school.


Please know that we intend to honor your input to meet the needs of all students and the realities of each family under the allowances provided by the NJ Department of Education and Governor Murphy. The district is proceeding with an implementation plan that allows for gradual stages of in-person learning in phases.  The health and safety of students and staff are paramount, so we need an incremental and flexible approach as the guidelines and health data are subject to change.


The Jersey City Public Schools Reopening Plan will allow for gradual stages or phases of in-person learning based on your feedback and next week we will share how you can let us know your preferences. 


Thank you for your continued support as we navigate the challenges of the pandemic. 


Franklin Walker

Superintendent of Schools



July 11, 2020

Greetings Parents,


This is the weekly update of July 11th. Our plans to reopen the schools for some in-person continue. Based on the current information and trends, we will resume classes using a hybrid model. All the students will be in school and rotate between remote learning and in-person instruction every 5 days. Each day students are present in school will be full-day learning with limited movement around the building, social distancing, and health precautions.  Parents who wish to keep their children in remote learning during the pandemic will be able to choose. We will reach out to you in a few weeks to learn your preference. We will also survey our staff to see who may not be able to return for medical reasons.  We are also working on creating plans for cleaning, sanitizing, entrance procedures, and a long list of necessary considerations.  

In the meantime, we have Teachers on Call to help students with their summer learning packets and any other assignment they have missed. Each school has the names and times the teachers are available posted on the webpage. Please make sure your child completes their Summer Reading assignments. All the materials and books are available electronically. Visit our website at, and it will take you immediately to the summer assignments.  We will continue to distribute meals all summer long. Please take advantage of the opportunity and pick the meals for your children.  

We will have more information throughout the summer, and by the beginning of August, the Reopening Plan will be ready even though we know things can change in a moment's notice. 


Thank you,

Franklin Walker

Superintendent of Schools

 Message July 3, 2020


Greetings Parents,


I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Weekend.  Even though schools are closed, we are working to prepare for September.  We are meeting and creating different plans in case things change.  Our preference would be for all students to return for in-person instruction with more cleaning and wearing a mask.  However, to maintain social distance, we may need to develop a combination of in-person and remote learning with the most vulnerable students as our priority.  We are also planning for remote learning if schools need to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the school year.  We will have more information throughout the summer, and by the beginning of August, the Reopening Plan will be ready even though we know things can change in a moment's notice. 


In the meantime, we have Teachers on Call to help students with their summer learning packets and any other assignment they have missed. Each school has the names and times the teachers are available posted on the webpage.   Please make sure your child completes their Summer Reading assignments.  All the materials and books are available electronically.  Visit our website at, and it will take you immediately to the summer assignments. 


Meals will be available throughout the summer at the original distribution sites and PS 25.  We will not be using the busses because we are concerned that meals may spoil.  Please take a look around the school and find the distribution tent or area. 


Due to the pandemic, the company that makes diplomas closed and some orders are pending.  Once we receive them, the schools will notify you of the schedule to pick them up.  


We must continue to practice social distance and wear the mask in public.   This weekend we celebrate the birth of the nation, and by working together that we can build a fair, resilient, and thriving society.


Happy 4th of July!


Franklin Walker,

Superintendent of Schools 



 June 14, 2020


Greetings families,


In small towns and big cities across the country, Americans have been marching for justice in unprecedented numbers, giving voice to the grief and anger that generations of black Americans have suffered because of institutional racism. In Jersey City, the marches were peaceful, and it speaks highly about our great city. In some instances, young people of all colors have energized the demonstrations with the knowledge that they have the power to make things better and who are exercising their First Amendment rights. Many of our students have learned some ideas about what it means to be a citizen. Let’s remember to use our power for good, to speak up for changes that make us a better society. 


Wednesday, June 17, 2020, is the last day of classes for the school year. However, remember learning should continue through the summer. Packets will be available at the schools until the end of June for students in kindergarten, first and second grade. The schools will let you know when you can pick them up. For students in grades 3-12, the summer learning information is available at the district’s website. The schools will let you know the specifics. Students will have digital novels to read during the summer.  Please follow the recommendations from your child’s teacher. Eligible special education students will attend a virtual extended year program.  High School students can catch up with subjects they fell behind. 


We all have questions about schools in September. While our focus is educating students keeping our community safe is our priority.  I am interested in your opinion, so I ask that you complete the survey that we posted on our website The information you provide will help us continue planning to resume classes in September. We desire to return to school as usual, with enhanced safety and cleaning procedures.  However, we must be proactive and be prepared during the pandemic to continue educating our students if and when circumstances change, as predicted to maintain the health and safety of our students and employees.


While we do not know what next year will look like and what it may bring, I know this… our teachers, administrators, and schools will be ready. 


Franklin Walker,

Superintendent of Schools 




May 31, 2020


Greetings Parents and Staff,


I hope you had an opportunity this weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather.  This Monday, June 1, 2020, we begin our 13th week of remote learning.  Within the next few weeks, your child's principal may be reaching out to schedule time for high school students to pick up their caps and gowns, return materials, and empty their lockers.  Students will have scheduled times for a limited number of young people to enter the building and leave with a few minutes while maintaining social distance.  If you don't want them to participate, let your child's teacher know.  Shortly, you will also learn how to return the work your child has completed.  Please follow the recommended guidelines to ensure everyone's safety and continued good health.

We will have virtual graduations in June as we actively explore options for honoring graduates in a manner that complies with the regulations for social distance, the guidance of the New Jersey Department of Education, and recommendations from the CDC.  June is a month of celebrations for schools, but the pandemic is making us rethink how we do things to keep safe and protect the most vulnerable.  

Students accepted to the accelerated programs will receive their acceptance letters this week.  

This week our nation has witnessed violence.  Please encourage your children to be critical viewers of media, including print, television, internet, video, social media, and other digital spaces. Help them analyze media portrayals of racial incidents in the news, and to think critically.  Help them imagine and make personal goals to promote a just society.  In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe. 


Franklin Walker,

Superintendent of Schools





Superintendent's Weekly Message May 25, 2020


Good evening parents,


This weekend we honored our brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to maintain our democracy and restore freedom.  It is also the beginning of our 12th week with remote learning since we closed for the pandemic.  

Please continue to help your children and make sure that they remain focused on learning and complete all the assignments their teachers provide.   Students will benefit from their diligence in completing projects. 



On Friday, we learned that the Family First Coronavirus Response Act would provide some monetary assistance to the families of students eligible for free and reduced meals during the school year.  We must verify your current address so that you can receive the money directly.  According to the information we received, families would receive approximately $300 per child enrolled in our schools.  Now, please go to the district website at and confirm your current address. Use the link for SNAP/Free and Reduced meals.  



Thank you for your continued collaboration, and together, we will prepare all students for greatness.  This past week the Board approved the revised grading policy during the pandemic, and we will share the information as soon as possible.  We are working on plans to safely and orderly close the schools for summer vacation and get ready for September.  At this time, there is no factual information about how schools should resume classes in September, but we are developing different plans in anticipation of different scenarios.   



Continue to practice care, maintain social distance, and be safe.


Franklin Walker,

Superintendent of Schools


May 10, 2020

Greeetings parents and staff,



I would like to wish mothers and all the people who step into mother others a wonderful and healthy mothers’ day.  Last week we celebrated Teacher appreciation week, and there are not enough words to acknowledge the way our teachers have embraced remote learning to maintain the connections with the students and their families.  On Friday, I received directions from the NJDOE and the Office of Emergency Management, confirming that ALL graduations must be virtual.  The directive clearly states that any variation from a virtual celebration would violate the Executive Order to remain at home.  


We are developing a safe and orderly plan for students and staff to remove their belongings from schools and to reimburse families the money collected for proms and another end of year events.  This week educators and parents will receive the revised grading policy during the pandemic.  It is essential that students continue to engage daily in their learning tasks and that teachers continue to maintain communications with them.  


This week we will have two meetings about the budget.  I plan to put more resources and educators in the classrooms to work directly with students.  Jersey City is a beautiful city with a diversity that resembles our great nation. Still, there is an opportunity gap for some of our students, and we must make every effort to help the school dependent students to succeed.  


Thank you, and please continue to exercise social distance, work on your assignments, and pick up breakfast, lunch, and dinner at any of the 20 locations around the city.  Please help your neighbor and pick up a meal for them if they can’t go.


Thank you,


Franklin Walker

Superintendent of Schools



August 2019


Dear Parents and Staff,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Jersey City Public Schools. I am very excited to start the 2019-2020 school year with a clear focus on doing what is best for all of our students. This has been a very busy summer overcoming obstacles and planning for results that can be sustained for years to come. Our vision is to provide exemplary leadership and service to the schools, parents and the community as we work together to prepare children with a globally competitive, comprehensive, rigorous education. The beginning of the school year, similarly to the dawning of a new day, offers endless possibilities. As we begin this school year, I wish everyone the greatest success as we welcome approximately 30,000 students and their families.


Building on the progress made in the past and with the support of the Board of Education, as the Superintendent, I will use the Transition Plan for Return to Local Control for the Jersey City Public Schools to guide our reform efforts. While maintaining the implementation of the initiatives that have shown success, this year we will focus on building strong academic foundations through innovative experiences, enhancing the arts, building resilience in our students through social-emotional programs, and school safety. We will be working on short and long term solutions for the students and families of the Jersey City Public Schools.  Clearly, it is a year of great ambition and promise. Nonetheless, I know we can meet all of our goals because we have a faculty and staff that believes in our students and in providing educational excellence. We have work to do, work that requires commitment, focus and collaboration but together we will make progress towards our goals.  I do not need to remind the families of how important your job is for our children in Jersey City.  The children need your wisdom and your care. My hope is that working together, the community and the school district, we can prepare our students for the careers of the future. I know the staff at the schools will attempt to challenge students with engaging lessons and proven innovative practices.


I look forward to a year filled with stories of great success and great learning. Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year in the Jersey City Public Schools.


Mr. Franklin Walker

Superintendent of Schools