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CASP Creative Arts and Support Program YouTube Activities

​Gross Motor Activity
Using just 5 sheets of paper and you can work on; running,
jumping, hopping, side jumps, zig zagging and planks.
Exercise Dice 
Description: Complete exercises using dice. Record how long it takes you to roll 1-6!
Bowl Ball 
Description: Using 6 bowls and a rolled-up sock play Skeet/bowling.
Exercise Recall Activity
Recall number sequence while exercising and learning new
No Legos? No Problem!
3 creative ideas for building, no Legos or blocks required.
Kitchen Instruments
Using items from your kitchen to make music!
Exploring Butterflies
Breathing, Stretching, and Creating Butterflies Together.
Name That Tune
Try to guess the song that’s being played on the piano! 
Guided Visualization- Special Place
Take a journey through your imagination to a very special place. A great activity to do when you’re feeling big or have overwhelming feelings. 
The Family Hand Portrait 
Description: What is a Self-Portrait? Create a Hand Portrait with your Family.