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Substitute Teacher Information

The Jersey City Public School District is seeking Substitute Teachers and School Nurses who hold appropriate credentials. The district accepts candidates with a Standard Certificate, CEAS, CE, or a current County Substitute Certificate. The district also is seeking substitute paraprofessionals and secretaries. See below for application and other important information.
  • Substitute Teacher applications are currently being accepted.
  • As a reminder, we  accept substitute teacher candidates with a Standard Certificate, CEAS, or CE or a current County Substitute Teacher Certificate.
  • Applicants for Substitute Nurse are encouraged to apply year-round.
  • Applications for Substitute Custodian, Substitute Paraprofessional, and Substitute Secretary are available year-round.
To Apply for substitute positions please click on this link and follow the instructions: Substitute Application.
Please read the relevant documents on this page for directions to obtain a substitute license and fingerprinting.
For any additional questions contact the Human Resources Department. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.