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JCPS 150th Anniversary Celebrations

On Saturday, October 28, 2023, the Jersey City Public Schools celebrated its 150th Anniversary with a special event held at Dickinson High School.  Current and former staff, city, county, state and national representatives were in attendance. Student led tours were held to view the monuments, murals, plaques and artifacts surrounding the grounds.  
The Dickinson High School Historical Society, under the supervision of teacher William Gordon, held an exhibition: Dickinson High School 1904 - 2024 showcasing the history of the first public high school in Jersey City. Representatives from the NJ Room of the Jersey City Public Library, the Museum of Jersey City and Speranza Theater were on hand to display artifacts and discuss the history of Jersey City and its public schools.  
A scavenger hunt  empowering students with interesting history about the schools, was also held for this occasion.
The day culminated with a ceremony in the auditorium.  This recording of live-stream video highlights the history of Jersey City and its public schools.
The following short video, produced by JCETV, takes a 12 minute journey into the history of not only Jersey City Public Schools, but into the actual history and pre-history of Jersey City. It was produced for the JCPS Sesquicentennial Celebration on October 28, 2023 and a copy (as well as many other present day artifacts), was placed in a time capsule to be opened in 2073.
During the 150th Anniversary celebration on Saturday, October 28, 2023, Teacher William Gordon and members of the Dickinson High School Historical Preservation Club held an exhibit entitled:  Dickinson High School 1904 - 2024.
Dickinson High School is the first public high school in Jersey City. Various artifacts from its long history were displayed, and the Historical Preservation Club students were on hand to talk about each piece of memorabilia and its significance.  Their knowledge was extensive and their willingness to preserve these artifacts and share them with the community is praiseworthy.  Members of the Historical Preservation Society are:  Flabio Andreu, Nelson Ibea, Jr., Keshavee Khera, Angelina Lam, Helen Molina, Adam Outar, Andy Zhang, Noah Otero, Prince Afriyie and Lucy Nakhla;  William Gordon, Advisor.