Every year Districts are required to submit a Statement of Assurance (SOA) in each area affirming their compliance with state and federal mandates. 
Jersey City School District's Responses to the District Performance Review (DPR), Summary Sheet, and Statement of Assurance
The Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) is the Department of Education's monitoring and district self-evaluation system for public school districts. It is a single comprehensive accountability system that consolidates and incorporates the monitoring requirements of applicable state laws and programs and complements federally required improvements. The system focuses on five key components that, based on research, have been identified to be key factors in effective school districts. These components are Instruction & Program, Fiscal, Governance, Operations, and Personnel.
Districts are required to go through a full QSAC review once every three years. Our last review was in 2019-2020. The District Performance Review submitted by the District is posted here: District Information, Score Summary, Instructions, and Declaration