Anti-Bullying Specialists

The Jersey City Board of Education prohibits acts of bullying, harassment, and intimidation of students and staff. The board has determined that a safe and civil environment in school is a necessity for students to learn and achieve high academic standards, and for staff to educate students effectively. Harassment, intimidation or bullying, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, is conduct that disrupts both a student’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate its pupils in a safe environment. All members of the Jersey City public schools community have a right to live and work in an environment that is safe. Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated because it can lead to more serious violence and because such behavior is gravely inconsistent with district efforts to improve academic performance, improve school attendance and reduce the drop-out rate. Students and staff who are intimidated and fearful cannot give the single-minded attention they need for success.
All students and staff are expected to treat each other with civility and respect and not to engage in behavior that is disruptive or violent. Therefore, the school district will not tolerate acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying against any students or staff.
Jersey City Public Schools Anti-Bullying Coordinator Phone Number Email Address      
Student Life & Services Paula Christen (201) 915-6227      
Elementary Schools Anti-Bullying Specialists Phone Number Email Address      
Frank R. Conwell School Patricia O'Malley  (201) 521-5984      
Dr. Michael Conti School Louis DeCarlo (201) 714-4300      
Jotham W. Wakeman School Tina Barone (201) 714-4310      
Charles E Trefurt School Linda Stokes (201) 714-4320      
Martin Luther King, Jr. School 
Susan Van Sant &
Irene Valenti
(201) 915-6521      
Julia A Barnes School Patti Acosta (201) 915-6423      
Ollie Culbreth, Jr. School Bhaskar Singh (201) 915-6430      
Whitney M. Young School
Audrey Page &
Talib Ahmad
(201) 915-6943      
Cornelia F. Bradford School Scott Sigler (201) 915-6450      
Joseph H. Brensinger School
Emily Landolfi &
Judy Thermitus Campbell
(201) 915-6120      
Dr. Maya Angelou School Daniel Marck (201) 915-6470      
Rev. Dr. Ercel F. Webb School
Maria Curcio &
June Rodriguez
(201) 915-6480      
Mahatma K. Gandhi School Danielle Chiaro (201) 915-6490      
Chaplain Charles Watters School Janine Brown (201) 508-7677      
Nicolaus Copernicus School Laura Medina (201) 714-4340      
Alfred Zampella School Joel Carhuaz (201) 714-4350      
Christa McAuliffe School Debra Cavanagh (201) 714-4360      
Gladys Nunery School Chris Johanna Catanio (201) 915-6520      
Alexander D. Sullivan School Cathie Garafalo (201) 915-6530      
Patricia Noonan School Laurie Corso-Riccardi (201) 714-4370      
Dr. Paul Rafalides School Jennifer Soriero (201) 915-6540      
Barack Obama School 
Leonia Holston &
Esster Maxey
(201) 915-6550      
Rafael de J. Cordero School
Michelle Poznanski &
Nancy Pasquale
(201) 714-4390      
James F. Murray School Joseph Romano (201) 915-6620      
Dr. Charles P. DeFuccio School Lanerma Jackson (201) 915-6560      
Gerard J. Dynes Regional Day School Deborah Levine (201) 915-6165      
Fred W. Martin Center of the Arts Sara Macniven (201) 915-6590      
Middle Schools Anti-Bullying Specialist Phone Number Email Address      
Academy I Middle School John Hughes (201) 915-6500      
Frank R. Conwell Middle School Carmela Macagnano (201) 369-3360      
Franklin L. Williams Middle School
Magdolen Sleman &
Kenia Matos
(201) 714-8342      
Erza L. Nolan Middle School Melissa DeLaCruz (201) 915-6570      
Secondary Schools Anti-Bullying Specialist Phone Number Email Address      
William L. Dickinson High School Jim Hunter, Daniel O'Lear, Eben Meyers & Robert Maffia (201) 714-4400
James J. Ferris High School Carmen Petito (201) 915-6660      
Infinity High School Meagan Lopez (201) 915-1404      
Innovation High School Eliud Amaya (201)413-6979      
Liberty High School Treasy Brown (201) 714-4373      
Abraham Lincoln High School Please Contact Guidance (201) 915-6700        
McNair Academic High School Jose Avegno (201) 418-7618      
Henry Snyder High School Hilario Nunez (201) 915-6600      
Early Childhood Center Tiffany Grant Simmons & Lukisha Wright
(551) 998-7871
(201) 915-6304
Renaissance Institute 
Christopher Ferrara &
Troy Ridley
(2011) 946-5563