Early Childhood Support Staff



In order to help our youngest scholars successfully attain their greatest potential, the Department of Early Childhood works in collaboration with more than 30 contracted childcare providers. We provide for the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of all of our children. We accomplish these goals by providing support staff and services.


These include:

● Supervisors ensure the coordination of all of the elements of a high-quality preschool program within the school district, including all private providers and local Head Start agencies.


MARIANA BEJERANO: [email protected]

COURTNEY CAMPBELL: [email protected]

MICHELLE THOMAS: [email protected]


● Community & Parent Involvement Specialist helps develop partnerships between families, schools, and the community assists with needs assessments, staffs the Early Childhood Advisory Council, organizes and oversees family-involvement plans and activities, and coordinates work with other agencies. HALA ABOULHOSN, MS CCC-SLP: [email protected]


● Early Childhood Nurses facilitate and strengthen our children’s ability to learn by helping to improve and protect the health of students, staff, and families. They conduct screenings for immunizations and for vision and hearing problems. The nurses provide physical and emotional support when there are illnesses or injuries, which are a normal part of growing up. They also provide daily support to children with chronic health needs, and advice on healthy eating and safety. JANE AMATO [email protected] TANYA BROWN: [email protected] YOLANDA CABRERA [email protected] ARLENE M. EGAN: [email protected] MONICA FOGARTY: [email protected] BIBI MANGAR [email protected] AMY QUINONES [email protected] MICHELLE REYES [email protected] ANINDER SEQUEIRA: [email protected] ARTURO TOLENTINO [email protected]


● Preschool Intervention & Referral Specialists are a team of specialists working within a consultation model to help maximize the general education preschool teacher’s ability to support all students who exhibit challenging behaviors, learning difficulties, or other social difficulties and to decrease the number of referrals to special education. LELA ANDERSEN [email protected] VALERIE BOSTORY [email protected] DIANA BOWDEN [email protected] NANCY DEAN [email protected] CARL LEWIS [email protected] JACQUELINE LOUISON [email protected] LESLIE MCINTOSH [email protected] EILEEN MILLAN [email protected] LAFERNE WILLIAMS-MAYNARD [email protected]


● Lead Teachers model, coach, observe and provide feedback to teaching staff in preschool programs. MEGAN BARRITEAU [email protected] JULIE BERG [email protected] LIDIA DELOS SANTOS [email protected] ANDREA DORNBOS [email protected] GEMMA FITZGERALD [email protected] IRENE GUIRGUIS-ROBERTS [email protected] TYCHAWN JOHNSON [email protected] LAUREN MURGITTROYD-FONSECA [email protected] BROOKE NOONAN [email protected] SHALINA ROBINSON [email protected] CYNTHIA THOMSON [email protected] KAREN YOUNG [email protected]


● Program Social Workers assist children, teachers, and families with social and emotional development issues from a family-centered perspective and help develop an appropriate plan to address a child's needs, both in the classroom and at home. PSWs also make referrals to appropriate community agencies and counsel parents on a variety of issues to help improve their current situation. Housing issues, lack of basic necessities (food/clothing), health issues, challenging behaviors at home, other family issues (i.e. abuse), and attendance are other areas PSWs provide support. PSWs also work in collaboration with the CPIS to support all of the Family Workers in the district contracted childcare centers. JAMES ROKEACH MSW, LCSW [email protected] CHERE GLOVER [email protected] KAMILAH BREWINGTON [email protected]


● Clerical Staff SELENA BENJAMIN [email protected] THAIS BURROUGHS [email protected] JESSE CESTARO [email protected]


● Fiscal Management Unit manages the financial aspects of the school district’s contractual obligations with contracted private providers and local Head Start agencies. WILLIAM MCKOY mailto:[email protected] RABIA CHAUNDRY [email protected]


To learn more about our Early Childhood Preschool Support Services,

please contact the Early Childhood Department at 201-915-6045.