Health & Physical Education

Valerie Craig-Ndiaye
Health (K-12) Physical Education (K-12)

Our curriculum provides a standards based, contemporary curriculum that guides instruction in K-12 classrooms. The curriculum promotes an active, healthy lifestyle and provides opportunities in CPR in grade 11, Driver Education in grade 11, Medical Careers in grades 9-12  and Swimming in grades 4-12.

Course Offerings


  • Mandatory Health & Physical Education classes needed for graduation
  • Mandatory CPR instruction in the 11th grade
  • Elective  Medical Careers and Medical Law courses at Dickinson High School in grades 9-12
  • (SLC Courses)
Curriculum Documentation
family life family life 2 family life 111
Family Life I Grade 9 Family Life II Grade 10 Family Life III Grade 11
family life IV health k-2 health 3-5
Family Life IV Grade 12 Health Curriculum Grades K-2 Health Curriculum Grades 3-5
health 6-8 phys ed phys ed
Health Curriculum Grades 6-8 Physical Education Curriculum Grades K-2 Physical Education Curriculum Grades 3-5
phys ed phys ed grade 9 phys ed grade 10
Physical Education Curriculum Grades 6-8 Physical Education Curriculum Grade 9 Physical Education Curriculum Grade 10
phys ed grade 11 phys ed grade 12 Superintendent letter for opt out
Physical Education Curriculum Grade 11 Physical Education Curriculum Grade 12 Superintendent Letter with Opt-Out for Health Education

District Programs


  • CPR Instruction-Required during 11th grade. Guided by the American Red Cross curriculum
  • Driver Permit Test-Offered in the 11th grade, allows students to get their driver’s permit from Motor vehicle and begin the process to obtain a NJ Driver’s License 
  • Electives in Medical Careers are offered as Small Learning Communities Courses at Dickinson HS

Student Opportunities 


NFL 60

NYRRP kool kids








Department of Education-Health & Physical Education Website


NJ Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance



NJAHPERD is dedicated to advancing quality health education, physical education, recreation, dance education, and athletics through professional development, programming, advocacy, and collegial exchange.  The Association promotes responsibility and development of healthy active lifestyles for New Jersey’s students, educators and community members.


Society of Health and Physical Educators

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Our Vision


A nation where all children are prepared to lead healthy, physically active lives.


Our Mission

To advance professional practice and promote research related to health and physical education, physical activity, dance and sport.