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Welcome to the Jersey City Public Schools. Please click on the link below to access resources to support our newly arrived Newcomer families to settle into their new home, school, and city. 
The Jersey City Public School District Bilingual/ESL Programs strive to effectively identify English Language Learners (ELLs) through a state-approved home language survey and an English proficiency language assessment.  In addition, these programs will provide each identified ELL student, teacher and parent a rigorous research-based instructional program, which aligns with state standards and complies with federal mandates. It is the goal of the Bilingual/ESL Department to consistently prepare ELL students for college and career.

K-12 ESL Curriculum Overview

The ESL Grades K-12 curriculum  provides English Language Learners to ability to continue their educational experience of English Language Arts with customized lessons that focus on foundational reading skills which support their language acquisition skills and consequently enhancing their English language proficiency level.  The courses have been designed for students whose language proficiencies are across all levels: 1-Entering; 2-Emerging; 3-Developing; 4-Expanding; 5-Bridging; and 6-Reaching. In addition, the goals of each lesson are aligned with the NJ Student Learning Standards, ISTE Standards, WIDA Standards and WIDA Can Do Descriptors and interactive learning activities designed to foster students’ language across the following domains: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Furthermore, each unit provides sample performance tasks that incorporate the use of basic 21st Century skills to facilitate interdisciplinary connections and foster global competence. The sample lesson plans provide formative assessments aligned to the  WIDA ACCESS 2.0 test and are tailored to each students’ language skill needs.


k curriculum grade 1 curriculum grade 2 curriculm
ESL Kindergarten Curriculum ESL Grade 1 Curriculum  ESL Grade 2 Curriculum
grade 3 curriculum esl grade 4 grade 5 curriculum
 ESL Grade 3 Curriculum ESL Grade 4 Curriculum  ESL Grade 5 Curriculum
6 to 8 tier a 6-8 tier b 6-8 tier c
ESL Grades6-8 Tier A ESL Grades6-8 Tier B ESL Grades6-8Tier C
american lit esl esl 1 esl 2
American Literature for ESL ESL 1 Curriculum ESL 2 Curriculum
esl 3 esl 4 esl newcomers
ESL 3 Curriculum ESL 4 Curriculum
ESL Newcomers
Reading Lab Curriculum
esl world language esl  
ESL Intermediate Curriculum 
World Literature
ESL Curriculum

Course Offerings


Grades 9-12
    • ESL 1-4
    • Newcomers
    • ESL Intermediate
    • American Literature
    • World Literature
ESL Programs


  • ESL Instructional model offered in grades K-12.
  • Program for students whose native language is not English.
  • Intensive English language instruction offered by certified ESL teachers.
  • A targeted focus on the four domains of language acquisition: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing through Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
  • ESL support is also a component of all Bilingual Programs.


Bilingual Self-Contained (Transitional Bilingual Instruction) 


  • English Language Learners receive primary (native) language instruction for content development in all all content areas.
  • The second language (i.e., Spanish/Arabic) and English language have equal value and status in the teaching and learning process.
  • Students are taught by certified Bilingual and ESL teachers.
  • Magnet Site (K-12) Spanish: MS #7 (6-8), PS #8 (K-5), PS #12 (K-2), PS #30 (3-5), Ferris HS and  Dickinson HS.
  • Magnet sites (K-3) Arabic: PS #17.



Bilingual Pull-Out


  • Part-time Bilingual Model.English Language Learners receive native language instruction in both Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • In this educational approach, the second language (i.e. Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu) and English language have equal value and status in the teaching and learning process.
  • Students are taught by certified bilingual and ESL teachers.
  • Arabic Speaking Students - PS #11 , PS #17, PS #23 
  • Gujarati/Hindi-Speaking Students - PS #6, PS #11, PS #23, PS #25, PS #27
  • Urdu Speaking Students - PS #6 , PS #11 , PS #23 , PS #25 , PS #27


Dual Language (Two Way Immersion)


  • Combination of ELL’s (Spanish Speakers) and Non-ELL’s (English Language Speakers).
  • Taught together in an effort to develop full bilingualism and bi-literacy for both groups.
  • Instruction follows a 50/50 model with each language group learning to read in their primary language while acquiring the skills of the second language.
  • Each cohort has certified Bilingual and ESL teachers.
  • Dual Language Sites: PS #3, PS #5, PS #6* (K-2)

Student Opportunities 


  • Seal of Bi-literacy
  • Proclamation Ceremony
  • Poster Contest
  • Student of the Year Award
  • Rosetta Stone Language Support for Dual Language Students




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