Dual Language Program

The Dual Language Program offers students an opportunity to become bilingual and biliterate. Children in the program speak either English or Spanish at home and learn in both languages at school so that they develop fluency in both languages in speaking, reading and writing. Students begin the program in Pre-K and remain in it through grade 5. A limited number of students can be admitted in Kindergarten or 1st grade, but because of the fluency children in the program develop, students can not join the program after that point.

Dual Language Program for Pre-K students

Programa de Idioma Compartido Ingles/Espanol para Pre-Kinder

The Dual Language Program immerses English and Spanish speakers in a rich program to ensure that students become bilingual and biliterate. Students are taught in both languages by bilingual teachers. Learn more by viewing our brochure. You must register your child at his or her local school, you will need to submit an application.
Apply online for the Dual Language Program here: Online  Application/Peticion.

Dual Language Program for Students entering Kindergarten or 1st grade


Programa de Idioma Compartido Ingles/Espanol pare Kinder o 1


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